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One of the forgotten
One of the Forgotten (2011)
One of the Forgotten (2011)
One of the Forgotten (2011) Video
One of the Forgotten (2011)
One of the Forgotten
NOV 2011, 25 x 25 x 150 cm Gun safe, Proximity sensor, Micro-processor

One of the Forgotten (2011) is an interactive kinetic sculpture. When the audiences come close to the sculpture, the door of the safe starts banging itself from the inside as if there was something/someone inside the safe. The things in the drawer, the things in the closet, we no longer find the things again.

"The things we regarded precious, the things that lost its value, the things within day routine, too get used to the things. The things were not lost but forgotten. Now it has been lost because it had been forgotten." – from Ronin’s work note.

We live in the age, which is flooded with technology. For the help of this development, we are able to do more tasks, more communication and encounter more events. Everything seems to be accelerated. In this circumstance, I pose a question to myself that if we have a room to revisit our own traces. The forgotten memories are accumulated and became a pile of the lost.

‘One of the forgotten’ is nothing different from other cabinets. However, the audiences could pass by this work without noticing it, it appeals its presence by banging itself from inside. As if to say remember the things what you left behind.